In the oddest sense, a moment of epiphany is when what is familiar to me becomes upside down and reverse, the same way that light comes through a camera obscura.  The perspective is refreshing.  This is the moment I become aware of my subjectivity in relation to the exterior world.  My fruitions come from taking these moments, zooming into the micro and then expanding out to the macro.  In order for me to discover, I remake and unlearn what I know and allow a sense of wonder and intuitiveness to take over.  

Growing up in an age of drastic transition in technological advances, I admire the physical and direct qualities of the analog and appreciate the fast and innumerable capabilities of the digital. In my practice, I playfully link these transitions in technology through objects, devices, and engaging experiences of art. Purposefully turning the accustomed around to eclipse the old with the new, I aim to educate and generate curiosity in our history, process, and progress.  These major shifts in technology affect the way we communicate, experience music, and document events.

As an artist involved in process, I am drawn to physical qualities of material and the magic in development. Through the use of light sensitive materials such as glass, neon, and photography, I explore notions of intangibility, perception, and time.  I reference the strong history of objects used by artists and scientists that have come before me as developers and experimenters in the field of phenomena.